Lenzing Papier GmbH joins Healthy Printing Initiative for better paper recycling

Published on January 27 2021 | 16:57 hr by Martijn van Santen

Austrian paper manufacturer Lenzing Papier has joined the Healthy Printing Initiative. The Healthy Printing Initiative constitutes a network of organizations aiming to improve the quality of recycled paper and cardboard by using healthier inks and printing additives. The initiative, which already has many ink manufacturers and print shops among its members, welcomes Lenzing Papier as a key stakeholder in the paper value chain. Lenzing Papier in turn seeks cooperation with the Healthy Printing network to promote the use of healthy inks. The objective is to improve and maintain the quality of paper for high-level use in a circular economy. “Lenzing Papier is dedicated to set the highest standards in recycled paper” says Ernst Brunbauer, Managing Director for Lenzing Papier GmbH. “The core business of Lenzing Papier fits seamlessly within a circular economy. The Healthy Printing Initiative is an excellent initiative to tie sustainable paper and ink to sustainable print”.

“We want to make it easier for everyone to find the right materials to create healthy and circular printed products”, adds Hein van Tuijl, Managing Director for EPEA Benelux. “Lenzing is a graphic recycled paper manufacturer with a solid distribution network across Europe. They will provide a great impulse to the availability of Healthy Printing materials.”

About Lenzing Papier GmbH Lenzing Papier is the Austrian specialist manufacturer of premium recycled paper grades. The mill uses an energy efficient technology to convert waste paper into excellent white paper. lenzingpapier.com