Healthy Printing Symposium launches new approach to future proofing printed products

Published on September 18 2018 | 17:10 hr by Martijn van Santen

For the first time the Healthy Printing Symposium in Lüneburg on September 14th, brought together members of the initiative and many other participants. The event, which showcased the first global rollout of healthy printing inks among other achievements, saw more than one hundred participants open a new chapter in healthy printing products. Among the participants were well-known printers, ink manufacturers, representatives of large retail chains and publishers as well as recyclers.

The event headliner was the announcement by brewing group Carlsberg that they are rolling out healthy printing inks for the labels of their core brand Carlsberg globally. This ambitious goal was started through intensive cooperation and development work with the ink manufacturer hubergroup and the Töpfer printing company under the scientific supervision of EPEA.

Further pilot projects on healthy printing were presented and panel discussions as well as interactive formats lead to lively discussions, for example on possibilities of improved recovery and high-quality recycling of paper products. Participants in the panel discussion spoke in favor of a separate optimized paper flow while using current paper collection infrastructure as the most feasible option.

“High-quality reuse of paper products requires the development and use of the right printing products. With this goal, our network unites manufacturers and buyers. We aim to increase the general demand for optimized printing products and to develop and offer suitable solutions. The Symposium was the starting signal, now it is important to continue the positive development,” explains Katja Hansen, Director of the Healthy Printing Initiative, the context of the Symposium.

More information about the Healthy Printing Symposium will soon be available in a news release and more detailed Newsletter!