Healthy Printing on TV

Published on November 28 2017 | 14:21 hr by Hein van Tuijl

Today, the Dutch telvision show Koffietijd aired an item on Healthy Printing. In this item, Bas Gehlen, General Director at WEPA Nederland, and Hein van Tuijl, Managing Director of EPEA Nederland, explain the neccesity of Healthy Printing according the Cradle to Cradle Design Framework. This is illustrated through the production of toilet paper from 100% recycled paper at WEPA Nederland’s facility in Swalmen. For the toilet paper to be healthy to use for humans and then be suitable for returning to the biosphere via the waste water systems, ideally all ingredients in the paper are positively defined. So the healthier the recycled input material is, the easier it is to make healthy toilet paper.

The full item (in Dutch) is available here.