Healthy Printing Newsletter: November 2020

Published on November 26 2020 | 11:11 hr by Martijn van Santen

We hope you and your loved ones have stayed healthy in this unusual year!

A lot has gone on since our last newsletter and before all the end-of year season’s greetings arrive, here’s an update.


Some recent news from our HPI network:

HPI Charter

The German Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe and GGP Media have announced that they are signing the Healthy Printing Charter on December 1, 2020, and commit to advancing their book productions towards the goals set out in the charter. This sends a powerful signal into the market, and we want to encourage all our HPI network partners to consider how they might support Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe and GGP Media in their efforts.


Our network partner Vögeli informed us of a product invention which addresses a current challenge: Vögeli AG offers paper sleeves for the safe storage of hygiene masks. The paper packaging is suitable for disposable masks that are worn several times a day, as well as for fabric masks that can generally be used more often. The paper sleeves from Vögeli, also known as “Mask Bag”, are produced according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle and are therefore made of materials that are 100 percent healthy for people and the environment. They are safe for biological cycles and also certified for food packaging.


Olaf Kern from network partner Printarena / Eurodruck in Hamburg shared nice visuals about C2C print products. You can watch the video here!

And we’re very excited about some other things in the pipeline…..stay tuned!

Do you also have a healthy printing story to share with the network? Send us your stories!

New Members

Over the past months, we have welcomed:

Arctic Paper, homann colormanagement, Koenig & Bauer printing machines

C2C Certifications

The list of C2C Certified™ products in the print and packaging sectors is growing continuously. This provides a toolbox to anyone interested in adding components or putting together a whole finished product.

We’re very happy to announce that recently a range of paper products was added which we have been missing as you know from past newsletters!

Click here to learn more about C2C Certified™ full certification or Material Health Certification (MHC).


Several new printers are offering C2C Certified™ product ranges:

Lokay Druck Reinheim, Germany: ‘Evolution Blue’ print product group at BRONZE level

Eurodruck Hamburg, Germany: Print product group ‘pureline’ at SILVER level

Samson Druck und Buch Theiss, Salzburg/ Lungau, Austria: Print Product Group GENERATION+ at BRONZE level

Printing inks

FlintGroup Packaging Inks Germany has obtained Material Health Certificates (MHC) for 2 solvent-based printing inks for flexible packaging for both, flexo and gravure printing technology:
* ZenCode CG -> MHC-Certificate at GOLD level
* ZenCode CS -> MHC-Certificate at SILVER level

Printing varnishes

ACTEGA Terra, Germany, has obtained Material Health Certificates (MHC) for their portfolio of ‘FoodSafe Gold’ (water-based coatings/ dispersion coatings); MHC-Certificate at GOLD level


Arctic Paper got C2C Certified™ for uncoated paper and board in Sweden and Poland:
* Arctic Paper Munkedal, Sweden: entire portfolio of uncoated paper/board (Munken, Amber) at BRONZE level; MHC-Certificate at SILVER level
* Arctic Paper Kostrzyn, Poland: uncoated papers Munken + Amber; MHC-Certificate at SILVER level

Also note that we added a new section to the HPI website under “C2C Certified™” for C2C Certified™ components for food packaging (metal based).

Last but not least we are keen to hear from you! Have you made progress toward your healthy printing ambitions? Write us!

Let’s continue to join forces in our push towards healthy printing and packaging!