Healthy Printing Newsletter: July 2018

Published on July 26 2018 | 15:08 hr by Martijn van Santen

Healthy Printing Symposium 2018

Connecting customers and suppliers to scale up innovation and demand

Location: Leuphana University Campus, Lüneburg
Date: Friday 14-09-2018

Speakers announced

We are delighted to announce the following speakers from across the Healthy Printing spectrum: B.A.U.M., one of Europe’s largest associations for sustainable business, Carlsberg Group, one of the largest brewing companies with extensive printed packaging, De Schepper, the largest printing broker in The Netherlands, EPEA, a leading certifier of Healthy Printing products, INGEDE, the international association for the de-inking industry, memo, Europe’s first and largest green office supply company, Veolia, one of Europe’s largest recyclers, Vögeli, a leading Healthy Printing company, and World Wildlife Fund, the world’s leading independent conservation organisation.


With the support of our members and those speakers, we developed the preliminary programme for the Healthy Printing Symposium. The main themes focus on a practical approach. Our plan is to balance practical examples, with exploring challenging issues and looking ahead together.

The programme is on our website. Please keep in mind that we still have to optimise some programme details, so programme changes are possible.

Symposium speakers and participants will work together to provide answers to these questions:

  1. What is Healthy Printing and why is it important to business?
  2. How do participants implement Healthy Printing? Practical case examples.
  3. How do we recover/take-back Healthy Printing products?
  4. How is the initiative going to function in the future to provide concrete benefits to its members?

Remember to book your accommodation early, Lüneburg is a popular spot!

Registration reminder

If you have not registered yet, please do so now. There is no entry fee; your time and travel costs are sufficient contributions and appreciated!
Register now

EPEA & B.A.U.M. release Healthy Printing Report

Magazines, packaging, printing inks and office paper enrich our everyday lives. But how good are these products for people and the environment? What about recyclability? The joint report by B.A.U.M. and EPEA as part of the Healthy Printing Initiative shows how to design healthy printing products to achieve a new quality of recycling and to make the most of paper as a valuable resource.

The recently published report not only presents first solutions, but also highlights the competitive advantages that can be achieved along the supply chain - from packaging manufacturers to printing companies to printing ink suppliers - through healthy printing.
The report is available in German and English and can be downloaded for free here.

Healthy Printing Charter

The Charter has gone through an extensive process with members and we want to thank everybody who has been participating in it. Stay tuned for results!

China ban and EU agreement

After throwing the world recycling industry into crisis with a ban on importing mixed waste including paper waste, China last week signed a memorandum of agreement with the EU on circular economy. Furthermore the EU has been amending an existing piece of legislation – the EU waste framework directive – to restrict use of potentially harmful substances in recycled materials.

Let’s see if the stick and carrot have positive results! One thing is certain; Healthy Printing is a practical enabler for the China-EU agreement and a practical solution to recycled paper being contaminated. Another reason to join the Healthy Printing initiative; staying ahead of the curve with China trade!