Healthy Printing Newsletter: January 2019

Published on January 18 2019 | 11:32 hr by Martijn van Santen

The value of Healthy Printing – reasons for being part of the Initiative!

As promised, we completed additional film impressions from the Healthy Printing Symposium in Lüneburg: HPI network partners B.A.U.M., Cewe, EcoMedia, EPEA, Green4Print, Heider Druck, hubergroup, Ingede,Töpfer, Veolia, Vögeli, VPK Packaging and WWF Germany present why they are members of the network and how they work towards optimizing printing to support healthier paper flows.

Feel free to share the first of three videos in social media and your network! The other two videos will be shared successively next week and the week after.

Healthy Printing Charter

The final version of the Healthy Printing Charter was launched in September 2018 and so far we have received 22 signatories, which is a solid vote of confidence in healthy printing as a dynamic approach. Again, thank you for your trust, commitment and support!
If your organisation has not yet signed the Charter, you can read it here and sign! Membership is not obligatory for signing the Charter but non-members are invited to join the initiative.

Healthy Printing Initiative and Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg Dataset Standardization Initiative

Everybody requires reliable data about their products in order to have healthy printing. As part of Healthy Printing we are generating examples of Materials Passports to show just that. As part of this we are joining forces with an initiative sponsored by the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg to standardize the format of data in passports so it is more easily shared across supply chains.

More than 90 organisations from across Europe participated in a recent webinar introducing the topic and so far more than 50 of those have signed up to participate in the development of the datasets.

If your organisation wants to be part of this, contact Andreas Wittmann .

Healthy Printing case studies

De Schepper and HPI in Dutch Smart Magazine

The Dutch Smart magazine by HPI member Dekkers van Gerwen, which is printed with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ materials, covers an interview with Margriet de Schepper regarding the need for Healthy Printing and how this can be implemented in practice. One example: the “Nationale Postcode Loterij Voordeelagenda”, that was distributed to millions of households in The Netherlands in the month of November, used C2C Certified™ inks by HPI member hubergroup!

New book by Harald Lesch is Cradle to Cradle Certified™

The recently published book “If Not Now, Then When?” by Professor Dr. Harald Lesch discusses feasible solutions to tackle the environmental and most urgent challenges of our time. Paper, printing inks and other printing components are optimized for the biological cycle and are 100% recyclable (Cradle to Cradle Certified™). The book was printed by HPI member “Print the Change” in Austria.

Network grows!

The Healthy Printing Initiative continues to grow! We welcome four new members to the initiative: Design to Launch, Gugler, Melchers Trading and Print the Change.