Healthy Printing in Turkey

Published on August 29 2019 | 13:30 hr by Martijn van Santen

Healthy Printing recently starred in the latest edition of Turkish EKOIQ magazine on environmental developments.

The article takes up the progress of the ‘Healthy Printing Initiative’, launched by EPEA with support of the DOEN Foundation to scale up availability of healthier substances in printed publications and packaging.

EPEA Turkey intends to bring together the relevant partners in the next months to set up a Healthy Printing platform in Turkey. In particular, AGED (Recovered Paper & Recyclers Association), ASD (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association) and Turkish Pulp & Paper Industry Foundation, major printers, ink manufacturers and suppliers, and other relevant organizations are invited to participate.

For more information about the future of healthy printing materials in Turkey, the full article (in Turkish) is available for download here.