Green4Print awarded Cradle to Cradle GOLD for offset inks

Published on October 27 2017 | 11:48 hr by Martijn van Santen

On October 21st, the Dutch company Green4Print was awarded a Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate by Lewis Perkins, President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, for its ‘offset solutions’, including inks and varnishes.

The achievement of Gold for offset is unique worldwide and is the result of an intensive collaboration between Green4Print and EPEA Netherlands. EPEA is a research and advisory organization in the field of Cradle to Cradle. EPEA supported Green4Print in certifying its products, and developing recipes and finding the right ingredients for making products suitable for Cradle to Cradle.

This has resulted in print products that are safe for humans and the environment, and actively designed for returning them to biological cycles. A complete ‘circular’ product.

Green4Print is one of the leading partners in the Healthy Printing initiative (, launched by EPEA in collaboration with the DOEN Foundation. The aim of Healthy Printing is to scale up the use of healthy materials in printing and packaging.

Printing is the foundation of modern-day education and training, and a valuable communications tool. The Healthy Printing initiative aims to scale up best practices to improve that value for industry and society. The initiative actively connects supply and demand, and develops a platform for easier access to healthy printing.

In principle, paper is recyclable and compostable, but in practice it is often contaminated by conventional printing chemistry. This leads to problems with recycling, composting, and human health. For example, food from cardboard packaging can be contaminated.

The good news; improvements are being made and are entering the marketplace, and the Green4Print results are proof of that progress.

From left to right:
Hein van Tuijl – Managing Director EPEA Nederland
John-Paul Verkooijen – Shareholder Green4Print
Frieke Heens – Scientific Project Manager EPEA Nederland
Lewis Perkins – President Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Corné van Loenhout – Director Green4Print

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