Green4Print awarded Cradle to Cradle GOLD for offset inks

27 October 2017 | 11:48 uur

On October 21st, the Dutch company Green4Print was awarded a Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate by Lewis Perkins, President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, for its ‘offset solutions’, including inks and varnishes.

The achievement of Gold for offset is unique worldwide and is the result of an intensive collaboration between Green4Print and EPEA Netherlands. EPEA is a research and advisory organization in the field of Cradle to Cradle. EPEA supported Green4Print in certifying... read more

Green4Print ontvangt Cradle to Cradle GOLD voor offset inkten

27 October 2017 | 11:45 uur

Op 21 oktober ontving het Nederlandse bedrijf Green4Print het Cradle to Cradle Gold certificaat van Lewis Perkins, President van het C2C Products Innovation Institute, voor haar ‘offset solutions’, inclusief inkten en vernissen.

Het resultaat van Gold voor offset is een unicum in de wereld en is ontstaan door een intensieve samenwerking tussen Green4Print en EPEA Nederland. EPEA is onderzoeks- en adviesorganisatie op het gebied van Cradle to Cradle. EPEA ondersteunde Green4Print in de certifice... read more

Michael Braungart talks about Healthy Printing

26 July 2017 | 12:31 uur

The scientific paper “Cradle to Cradle - Breaking with conventional sustainability concepts by defining chemicals positively”, written by EPEA CEO Prof. Michael Braungart and Cedric Wintraecken, was published in the ‘June - Annual on Sustainability’ issue of the Indian Chemical Industry Digest.

The article takes up latest developments regarding Cradle to Cradle such as the ‘Healthy Printing Initiative’, launched by EPEA with support of the DOEN Foundation to scale up availability of healthier... read more

Why the DOEN Foundation supports Healthy Printing!

26 July 2017 | 09:40 uur

Earlier this year, EPEA launched the Healthy Printing! initiative with help from the DOEN foundation. The goal of the initiative is to upscale the use of healthy inks and printing chemicals, so cleaner paper recycling systems can be realized. Paper is recycled on a large scale today, but often heavily polluted. This may cause issues in new applications.

Recently, the DOEN Foundation published an article on Healthy Printing! as part of its booklet on projects it supports. Included is a description... read more

Pilot website launched!

20 July 2017 | 17:58 uur

The pilot website for Healthy Printing has been launched! We would like to invite all participants in an early stage to give us your feedback on the design, structure, and content. If you have any relevant content which you would like to have published on the website now, or in the future, feel free to bring it to our attention!

The network page for all the participants of the Healthy Printing Alliance. We would ask all participants to provide a short piece of text (100-200 words) about the com... read more