WEPA Nederland B.V.

WEPA is a family-owned company with a passion for tissue and hygiene. With 12 factories in Europe it is a leading supplier in both the consumer market as well as in the professional market. With a sincere focus on long term sustainable growth, the company shows deep respect for people and planet. WEPA Nederland, its Dutch subsidiary, is constantly developing the “Satino Black” washroom solutions with innovative sustainable concepts. Based on Cradle to Cradle ever more circular concepts are implemented. Recovered paper is a major raw material. Evermore alternatives are explored and developed, like labels from used beer bottles, used beverage cartons or carton coffee cups. The residues from those materials are upcycled to the extent possible. That is where healthy materials and thus healthy printing comes in. This inspiring initiative is crucial for our future common developments. We cordially invite our suppliers – and their suppliers to join and to start improvement projects together.