Regarding the environment, Veolia is a competent partner for municipalities, industrial companies, commercial and private customers. With its three business units Water, Waste Management and Energy, Veolia covers a unique range of environmental services.

Our employees throughout Germany ensure that customers are served at the highest quality level - whether it concerns the eco-friendly treatment of drinking water and wastewater, waste disposal and the recycling of valuable materials, energy supply via municipal utilities or energy efficiency services for commercial customers. We help our clients to deal with natural resources responsibly. For example, we ensure that valuable materials and energy from wastewater and waste can be recovered and used in the context of the circular economy.

Veolia is the market leader in paper recycling in Germany and a reliable partner for the paper industry. There is a long list of valuable materials that Veolia collects for commercial and industrial customers, municipalities and end users in Germany and prepares for further use: From mixed waste paper through unsold remaining stocks of newspapers, magazines and books, office paper and other graphic papers, up to “meter of files” as well as used paper and cardboard packaging, everything is recycled.

Healthy printing offers the possibility of developing a separate material flow for an especially sustainable paper product. We will gladly contribute our market knowledge and experience, for example in return logistics, to the development process and look forward to working with our partners in the initiative.