PaperWise is paper and board made of agricultural waste, stems, and leaves left over after harvest. The impact on the environment is 47% lower than that of FSC paper made of wood fibers and 29% lower than recycled paper. Therefore, PaperWise users reduce their ecological footprint.

But there’s more: PaperWise paper and paperboard are produced in factories in India and Colombia that are very important to the development of the local communities. Investments take place in education and healthcare and the manufacturing process is aimed at safety, zero waste, and ecological retention. PaperWise takes its responsibility across the entire chain very seriously and ensures that the production occurs in accordance with CSR guidelines, and preferably even better.

Our products can be ordered via our webshop (, as well as supporting purchases via your usual channel. We will make a suitable offer once in contact with your supplier, whether this is a wholesale business, a printing house or advertising company. Naturally, you can also request samples in order to see that PaperWise’s products are top quality.

We hope that you will share our ambitions to give agri-waste a second life to make PaperWise a success.

Environmental impact PaperWise is 47% lower than FSC paper from wood fibers and 29% lower than recycled paper