Designing each year more than thousand packaging containers of all sorts, color printing is at the heart of our business.
Each day we help our clients to make their products look great, so that they stick positively out of the competition and are purchased as often as possible.
Fine design needs fine printing plus sometimes special finishes and we cannot allow any compromise on the final result.
But as much as we care for excellence in design matters, we also care for healthy lives on a healthy planet.
A well substantiated eco-design strategy, permanent learning about new materials, inks, varnishes and possible issues of packaging components at the end of usage-stage, as well as long-term partnerships with a wide range of suppliers of preferable packaging materials recyclers and consultants, allow Pacoon to offer attractive and game changing C2C-designs for product packagings, print and POS-materials.

Pacoon looks forward to play an active role in the Healthy Printing Alliance as knowledge build-up in this field just starts. Well-informed discussions between experts are much needed to fill today’s gaps.
Please don’t hesitate and contact us right now, if you want to see how we can make the world together a bit healthier, by combining our knowledge and aspiration in fruitful collaboration.