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At oeding print GmbH, innovation is a tradition. Founded in 1797, the company has succeeded in successfully adapting to social and technological change, and, today, is one of the most sustainable industrial printing service providers in Europe. State-of-the-art printing technology, know-how and the highest standards for quality and environment, merge in a holistic and resource-saving production process. Top quality and sustainability go hand in hand. At oeding print, sustainability is not restricted to subprocesses. The company thinks holistically. Environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are not subsequently “greenwashed”, but are actively and specifically prevented from the start.

Paints, varnishes and printing technology tools meet the strict requirements of ” Blaue Engel” according to RAL UZ-195. The printing is done IPA free. 85% of the paper is sourced from sustainable forestry or recycled material. 98% of the used printing inks are based on vegetable oil. 92% of the waste flows directly into the recycling chain. Unavoidable residual emissions from the production process are offset by climate protection projects.

The new and multi-award winning production site was planned and built in cooperation with the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences according to the PLUS Energy Standard. The electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. Over 20% is produced directly on-site via photovoltaics and a cogeneration system. Greenpeace Energy supplies “ProWindgas” for the Combined Heat and Power plant (Blockheizkraftwerk; BHKW).

Numerous certifications guarantee transparency and credibility. These include EMAS, ISO14001, FSC®, PEFC ™, Blaue Engel RAL UZ-195, ISO9001 and ISO12647 (PSO).

The participation in the Healthy Printing Initiative is the next logical step for oeding print: closed circuits according to the recognized Cradle to Cradle® concept.

For more information, take a look at our sustainability page, certificates, or information booklet

Contact person: Roland Makulla, Environmental, Quality, and Project Management
E-Mail: roland.makulla@oeding.de
Phone: +49 531 48015 80
Address: Erzberg 45, D-38126, Braunschweig, Germany
Website: www.oeding-print.de