neunmalklug verlag

Charlotte Stiefel founded the publishing house neunmalklug verlag in 2014 to create safe and sustainably produced children’s books. She is a lifelong sustainability champion and believes that all children should be able to experience a healthy, toxin-free world with all their senses. Therefore neunmalklug verlag applies the Cradle to Cradle® concept, because this method uses a holistic all-encompassing approach to produce safe, sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Charlotte, along with the Austrian printing house gugler, produced the first ever Cradle to Cradle®-cardboard picture book in the world in 2015. Sarah Roller wrote the little stories in the “Komm, wir gehen näher ran!” books (translation: ” Come on! Let’s get closer!”) for one-year-old children.
With an increasing workload Charlotte asked Sarah to join the publishing house. Since 2017 they are managing neunmalklug as partners.