Moonen Packaging

60 years ago, we started out as a small family company, growing every year in size and service. Now we are a recognized partner in packaging and disposables, serving our customers with the highest quality cradle to cradle products.

With our passion for innovative and sustainable packaging, we aspire to design, develop, produce and distribute disposables in the greenest way possible. With partners from all over the world we are able to deliver more than 10.000 products to customers whom are active in the fields of retail, food and industry.

Our ambition is by 2020 to have at least 50% of our products to be originated from renewable resources such as sugar cane waste. One of these products is the Stack-it concept. It is not only a disposable cup, it is our vision of a perfect natural loop. Our promotion material for the Stack-it cup is printed with C2C ink, making the global beneficial footprint complete. For our customers, we offer a total solution package that enables them to drive business in a more efficient way.

With our vision and care for our environment, we are awarded with the title “Groenste bedrijf van Nederland” (Greenest Dutch Company) and received our second Lean and Green star in 2014. We are proud to have this reputation, and continue to raise the bar even higher.

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