In addition to exact color reproduction and detailed product information, environmental aspects play an important role in the production, packaging and transport of our advertising media and company brochures. All memo AG products have always been printed on 100% recycled paper. In addition to the ecological advantages, such as less water and energy consumption in the production process, recycled paper is also less transparent than fresh-fiber paper. As a result, lower paper weights can be used with the same quality. This results in a decreasing demand for paper, which means that resources and costs can be saved when purchasing paper and postage.

Environmental impacts, product protection and technical requirements also define the choice of the packaging of our catalogs and mailings. For the joint dispatch of our office and promotional product catalogs a mailing envelope made of 60% recycled foil is used. This foil is made of chlorine-free, environmentally-friendly polyethylene, which does not form any pollutants during landfilling and incineration and can be recycled in a pure recycling process.

We work exclusively with printers who are able to process the materials we have prescribed at a market-oriented price in a high-quality and environmentally sound manner. As with all other service providers, we also promote environmentally friendly actions at our printing companies.

If available on the market and technically feasible, we prefer to print with colors free of mineral oil. All our catalogs have also been carrying the Blue Angel for printed products since 2015.