Innovation Team

The circular economy requires new technologies to be able to convert more and more waste into renewable resources. Innovation Team looks at chains from the design of the product, production, use, return logistics, recycling to the application of the raw materials in the next product. By continuously innovating the separation process, we create multiple possibilities for a new life of raw materials.

We collaborate innovatively with partners within and outside the circular economy and ensure a sound business model that makes it work. The circular world is possible, it is a matter of just doing, sharing, cooperation and seeking connections with parties with the same goal: circularity of raw materials. Innovation Team builds and delivers this technology and processes certain waste streams in-house into new raw materials or products.

Innovation Team was founded in January 2018 by Thijs Henderickx and Eric Petersen.
Within Innovation Team we have two focus areas in which growth opportunities are seen:
1. Paper rejects
2. Post consumer packaging
a. Beverage cartons
b. Coffee cups

Office: Waarderweg 2, 6065EX Montfort, The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0) 475 -47 63 34