For more than 250 years hubergroup is a family-owned company that has consistently defined new quality standards through intensive research and development work and continuously expands its position as one of the market leaders in commercial and packaging printing. Today, hubergroup is one of the world’s leading specialists for printing inks, coatings and press room auxiliaries, currently comprising 40 companies and 130 sites.

Our awareness: >> As printing-ink manufacturer, we bear a massive responsibility for both mankind and nature - and we intend to fulfil it through our products. <<

Our evidence: In 2017 hubergroup is setting new standards for environmental and resource conservation. As one of the first international acting ink manufacturers worldwide hubergroup has developed a comprehensive range of offset products for commercial and packaging printing, which has been assessed by EPEA according to the requirements of Cradle to Cradle® and certified by the Cradle to Cradle® Product Innovation Institute.

After an intense R&D-Period hubergroup has combined in its well-known product portfolio printability, post press ability and sustainability on the highest level. The portfolio includes process and spot inks, water-based and oil-based coatings for commercial and packaging printing.

Next steps and projects: To enlarge its sustainability portfolio range hubergroup already started or planed new projects, like cooperating projects with press room supplier to offer our customer complete solutions for their ecological efforts. And also additional product groups from hubergroup will follow and are already in progress.

hubergroup, ink people who care!

hubergroup Eco-Offset Ink Premium Plus

hubergroup Eco-Offset Ink Premium Plus