Dings Kartonnages

Baker Joep Dings began what is now known as Dings Kartonnages B.V. In almost 60 years, the family business has transformed from a wholesaler in bakery materials to an all-round cardboard packaging producer and the largest producer of beer coasters in the Benelux region.

Honest, food-safe and innovative packaging is what we stand for. We believe in long-term relationships. We design and produce custom and full colour printed packaging of cartonboard, solid and corrugated board with great passion and pleasure. We offer solutions for food and non-food packaging, snack packaging, packaging for (beer)bottles and packaging for E-commerce. With our focus on sustainability, we enable customers to tell their story. All our packaging is produced in our factory in Tegelen. The no-nonsense approach, reliability and social commitment of the founder Joep Dings are still the core values of the company.

We are BRC-IoP, ISO 14001, FSC, ISO 26000 certified and proud partner of Healthy Printing.

Visit our websites: www.dings.nl, www.bierverpakkingen.nl, www.webretailverpakkingen.nl, and www.viltjes.nl .

Why Dings? We keep our promises! It’s an internal, golden rule that has enabled us to remain a healthy company with a long-term focus for many years. We listen, ask questions and distinguish ourselves through the speed and flexibility we use to go from concept to delivery. As an organisation as well as with our cardboard packaging and beer coasters we aim to have the lowest possible environmental impact and largest possible social contribution. To achieve this, we have created CSR goals: 100% green energy, 0% waste, 100% safe chemistry and sustainable employability of our employees. Healthy Printing seamlessly integrates with our ambition of becoming the most sustainable cardboard packaging company in the Netherlands.