Design to Launch

Do you recognize this?

Many sustainable packaging initiatives which fit one or more “R” strategies (Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-new, Re-think). And almost every time you enquire about the printed part of it, you find out that printing has been done “the usual way” using traditional printing inks, varnish, laminates.

“What about the ink?” has become one of my standard questions when talking to print-buyers, brand owners, retailers and producers when it comes to sustainable packaging. Ink is not the only part of Healthy Printing, but it is certainly a good question to start the conversation (and create awareness). This is also my motivation to be part of the Healthy Printing initiative. I feel that our society is helped with closing a few more gaps when it comes to sustainable packaging in a circular economy. Step by step. Every day a little better.

At Design to Launch I help product owners launching their packaged products. Resulting in shorter time to market (less time, less effort, less money spent). By effectively managing the design to print process. Since I believe only that is not enough, I have started to help my customers making wise(r) choices in sustainable packaging. And thus, becoming part of the solution instead of the problem.

Design to Launch
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