Circular Economy Japan

Japan had long been taking initiative efforts in forming what we now have – a Recycling-based Society – a social concept that centers around Japan’s high technology level and the traditional “mottainai” (a term in Japanese that conveys s sense of regret over waste) value. This had enabled Japan to achieve certain results ahead of the world.

However, in the meantime, the SDGs and the Paris Agreement triggered countries around the world, especially in Europe to make paradigm shifts towards a new civilized society that solves economic, environmental and social issues all in an integral manner. The Circular Economy is a good symbol of such shift. Unfortunately, as the world is moving towards this innovative economic system that not only reduces environmental burdens but also achieves sustainable economic growth and development, Japan is being left behind.

Circular Economy Japan (“CEJ”) has been founded in the aim of being used as a platform to bring and adopt Circular Economy as Japan’s new economic system and ultimately realize its sustainable society. Under international cooperation, we will utilize this platform to connect knowledge, ideas and actions of different stakeholders and promote Japan’s smooth transition to a Circular Economy.

Moreover, since the Circular Economy is very closely related to the principles of Cradle to Cradle™, CEJ intends to integrate the Cradle to Cradle principles with Japan’s newest technologies and apply them on top of the already formed Japanese Recycling-based Society to form a “Japanese Circular Economy”. Our goal is to build and establish a Japanese Circular Economy that is of a globally competitive standard.

ADRESS:4-3-11-223 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0032 JAPAN
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Executive Director Kazuhiko Nakaishi

Our main activities

  • Accumulating and sharing knowledge on Circular Economy
  • Connecting and managing integral relationships between various stakeholders within the platform
  • Exchanging know-hows and good practice among our platform users
  • Approaching issues that arise in the process of making transitions to a Circular Economy
  • Providing seminars and organizing Working Groups amongst our platform users
  • Promoting the principles of Cradle to Cradle®