Healthy Printing Newsletter 2017

Published on December 12 2017 | 16:26 hr by Juan Bakker

The Healthy Printing Initiative, launched by EPEA with support of the DOEN Foundation to scale up availability of healthier substances in printed publications and packaging, is welcoming more and more members willing to improve the printing industry. As the first year of this initiative draws to a close, we wanted to update you with this first newsletter and present some highlights.

New Cradle to Cradle Certified™ inks:

The initiative benefits from work initiated by several ink manufacturers through their Cradle to Cradle Certified™ product and material health certifications. Two suppliers with certified products, Green4Print and Hubergroup, are already members of the network, with others to join hopefully in the near future.

Full Cradle to Cradle Certified™ product certification was achieved:

  • Green4Print bv was awarded the certification at Gold level for their Emerald Offset Inks and Crystal overprint varnishes. They also have a Silver level certificate for their range of Pure Aqua Printing Solutions which consist of flexo and gravure inks (waterbased), overprint/dispersion lacquers, and fountain solution concentrates.

  • Hubergroup Deutschland GmbH holds Silver level certificates for their ‘hubergroup Eco-Offset Inks Premium Plus’ which includes a wide range out of their Standard Offset Sheet-fed Portfolio, including Sheet-fed conventional, Overprint Varnish conventional, Sheet-fed Food Packaging & Overprint varnish Food packaging. Hubergroup also holds a Bronze certification for their ‘hubergroup Eco-Offset Inks Premium’ including a wide range of Sheet-fed Process Inks and Spot Inks out of their Standard Offset Sheet-fed Portfolio.

Several other ink manufacturers worked toward obtaining Cradle to Cradle Material Health certificates:

  • In May, Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co KGaA Siegwerk Switzerland AG was awarded Gold for its product line “Sicura Litho Nutri Eco”. As part of the ink development project Siegwerk partnered closely with Werner & Mertz GmbH, an innovative brand owner that is now set to utilize this new, sustainable range of UV offset inks for its printing labels. Despite its currently limited color gamut and its suitability for a limited range of substrate, from now on, Siegwerk is also making Sicura Litho NutriEco available to all other interested customers.

  • Schuite & Schuite Druckfarben GmbH was awarded Silver for their heatset ink series Bionomic 300/500 and Bionomic 2.0 300/500 Y,M,C,B. Bionomic 300 and 500 are mineral oil free Heatset inks. Bionomic 2.0 300 and 2.0 500 are lower cost alternatives to Bionomic 300 and 500. Their Heatset ink series Uni 500 and HG 800 Y,M,C,B were also awarded Silver. Uni 500 and HG 800 are aromatic free (RAL UZ-195) mineral oil based Heatset inks.

  • Epple Druckfarben AG was awarded a Bronze level Material Health certificate for their Printing Ink Series ‘CC Nature’, a 4-colour offset ink system suitable for perfecting and straight printing machines.

Media & Events:

HPI session at C2C congress

Healthy printing was the focus of a special session at the Cradle to Cradle Congress in Lüneburg, Germany on October 21, 2017. Katja Hansen, coordinator of the Healthy Printing Initiative, Corné van Loenhout from Green4 and Bernd Groh from Hubergroup explained the initiative to the participants and answered many questions in this interactive session. The session was attended by several members of the Healthy Printing Initiative and a good start toward the larger official Healthy Printing event planned for 2018.

HPI session at Packaging Cluster in Barcelona

The Packaging Cluster based in Barcelona, Spain, is a member of the Healthy Printing Initiative and its forum in October offered a special presentation on Healthy Printing. A number of companies in the cluster expressed readiness to start using healthy inks, and more progress is expected in 2018.

Koffietijd television show

In November, the popular Dutch television show Koffietijd aired a story about Healthy Printing. Bas Gehlen, General Director at WEPA Nederland, and Hein van Tuijl, Managing Director of EPEA Nederland, explain at the WEPA facility in Swalmen the necessity to positively define all ingredients of 100% recycled tissue paper. Supported by Cradle to Cradle, it became suitable for returning to the biosphere via waste water. The healthier the recycled paper input, the easier it is to make healthy toilet paper. Please watch the story here!

Nährstoff Magazine

The magazine of the Cradle to Cradle e.V. published an article about Healthy Printing in Nährstoff #3 (p. 52ff, in German).

Stichting DOEN article

Last summer, the DOEN Foundation published an article (in Dutch) on Healthy Printing as part of its booklet on projects it supports. Included is a description of Healthy Printing and what DOEN sees as the leading benefits.

Website launched

The Healthy Printing website was launched. Several members have contributed content already, and we are planning to continue expanding this platform as a knowledge sharing space as well as brokering contacts between interested parties to start new pilot projects. Don’t hesitate to download the revised brochure from the website.

You will see on the website that our membership has expanded remarkably in the first year; an achievement we are proud of and want to thank our members for making this possible!


Print your reports & brochures with healthy inks!

We want to invite you to take action on something that is easy to do and will generate concrete results. Print your 2017 sustainability report, annual report, and brochures using the new generation of C2C-certified healthier inks. This became possible in 2017 due to advances in certification and development of inks. This simple step adds a great Corporate Social Responsibility claim to your organisation’s programme!

To start, send to us the following response per mail:

“YES my organisation (name) is committed to printing its next sustainability report, annual report and brochures using C2C-certified inks!”

After receiving this from you we will contact you in the first quarter of 2018 to ask about progress.

Pilot Projects

Several pilot projects bringing together brand owners with ink manufacturers and packaging suppliers are underway. We hope to share more information about these soon. The pilot projects will result in measurable amounts of printed products being upgraded to healthier printing.

Have you started your own Healthy Printing pilot project yet? How do you print your publicity and /or packaging materials? Let’s accelerate the process and benefit from the positive developments this year.

Printers questionnaire

Over the past few months, several printers filled in a questionnaire designed to support them to clarify their position on healthy printing, and provide information that allows EPEA to support the printer on optimizing healthy printing. We are continuing to send out questionnaires, but if you want to be pro-active and have not particpated yet, please contact us.

2018 Plans:

  • Healthy Printing charter - moving forward together. You will be receiving a draft of the charter for feedback.

  • Standards - a set of guidelines is being developed that clearly describes what is healthy printing. Topics are mineral oils, UV printing, food contact.

  • Roundtable on tracking & tracing - a discussion and exploration of if and how we can track and separate optimized paper and packaging streams from the bulk of recycled paper.

  • Healthy Printing membership meeting (probably in autumn of 2018).

  • Pilot projects. Contact us if you want to develop a pilot project.

We look forward to receiving your reply on printing your reports with healthy inks and on starting your own pilot project.

We wish you a wonderful start to the holiday season and a prosperous 2018!